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Expansion of our milling machines

At this moment we have 2 milling machines in use at MK Tooling. from November 2018 a 3rd milling machine will be added there.

this is a Mazak VTC530 / 20

The traveling column design delivers outstanding versatility with many editing options.
The automatic tool changer with intermediate tool change arm offers a capacity for 30 tools up to 350 mm long and weighing up to 8 kg.
Directly driven ball-bearing spindles and straight roller guides deliver high-performance shaft movement at a rapid rapid traverse of 42 m / min.
The spindle with 12,000 rpm and 18.5 kW is designed to shorten the machining cycle times from heavy cutting operations to machining aluminum with small diameter tools.
The central partition (optional) enables simultaneous setting / loading / unloading on one side of the table and machining on the other side.


Machine specifications


Standard Machine Values
CAPACITY: Table Center Height 750 mm
Table Working length 2,300 mm
Table Working width 530 mm
X-axis 1,740 mm
Y axis 530 mm
Z axis 510 mm
SPIL: Max. speed (standard) 12,000 min-¹
YARNS: X axis (max.) 42 m / min
Y axis (max.) 42 m / min
Z axis (max.) 42 m / min
TABLE: Table Width 2,300 mm
Table Length 530 mm
AUTOM. TOOL CHANGE: Tool magazine capacity 30
Toolholder MAS CAT40
Width 3,510 mm